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Providing your workplace with wrap around wellbeing services including counselling, coaching training and support.

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Mental and emotional health and wellbeing has never been more important in our own lives, our families and in the workplace.

To abound in life and work it helps to have support from people and services which are both proven, and align with our values. The team at abound have been helping Australians flourish for over 25 years, through training and accrediting counsellors, and connecting them with people to help them abound in life.

Aifc CEO, Nicholas Marks

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Abound is aifc’s digital platform designed to make counselling / Coaching accessible and secure for all. At abound you’ll find a directory of accredited Counsellors suited to a range of needs. We also offer wrap around services for employers and their staff all via the online platform.

Safe and Secure

Platform tools

Easy to use

Face-to-face or online

Wellbeing Training and Workshop

Safe and Secure

Platform tools

Easy to use

Face-to-face or online

Wellbeing Training and Workshop

How it works

Providers can sign up to create a personalised profile. Individuals can then search and filter the directory of Counsellors / Coaches to find someone best suited to their needs. We handle the bookings and payments through our secure payment gateway. You can then connect using our encrypted video conferencing tool. All clinical notes are housed on our secure platform after each session.

Set up your account

Search the counsellor / Coach directory

Make a booking

Join your counselling session

Why abound

Wherever you are

See your Counsellor or Coach face-to-face or online when you need to.

Find the right fit

Browse our directory to find the right Counsellor or Coach to suit your needs.


All Counsellors and Coaches on our platform are accredited practitioners.

Easy to use

Easily set up your device with our secure video conferencing tool.

Counselling and Coaching

Access Counselling and Coaching for individuals, couples and families.

Glen Fairweather

Prison Fellowship Australia

“We work within a complex and challenging environment…so it’s really important that our staff have a space to debrief and receive support from a professional with a Christian worldview.

AIFC designed an excellent solution for our needs. Our staff have found accessing the service to be simple and straightforward. The backend portal also allows me to see how the team is tracking, including recurring themes they are tackling, whilst maintaining their confidentiality and privacy.”

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