Seeing the signs

A free resource for churches and Christian communities, to help you find trusted Christian counselling support when you need it.

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We’re here to help you start a conversation about mental health at your church.

At abound, we believe the local church holds out hope to the world. Church communities walk alongside people through all seasons of life – including our most vulnerable moments.

We recognise that pastors and church leaders are often the first to offer support to those who are experiencing tough times, and this can be challenging and confronting. That’s why we want to provide resources to support you and your teams in the incredible work you are already doing.

Seeing the Signs is resource to help your church learn about mental and emotional health, and access faith-affirming counselling support when it’s needed.

What’s in the kit?

Seeing the Signs Poster

Help raise awareness, and start the conversation

Seeing the Signs Infographic

Learn about wellbeing warning signs

How can I help card

Guidance for caring for people in your community

Church Wellbeing Webinar

A brief introduction to us, and some tips on how your church can do pastoral care well.

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Mental health awareness and training can increase the church’s capacity to hold out hope to a society that desperately needs it.

We want to help churches provide safe places for connecting with others. Places where we feel comfortable discussing our problems, and where we are encouraged and equipped to flourish in our walk with Christ.

The first step is seeing the signs – knowing which challenges can be resolved with pastoral care alone, and when some extra support might be needed. It also means having a plan for when hard times come.

A trusted Christian Counsellor can provide support to pastors, leaders, or church members when navigating life’s challenges – both individually and as a community. We bring valuable insights on how to work out issues in a faith-context. We offer guidance that is aligned with biblical principles and a Christ-centred worldview. We’re here to help the whole person flourish – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

How Christian Counselling can help the church.


At abound, we believe Christian counselling can provide hope and healing, and help people flourish – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But finding a good Christian counsellor can be difficult.

That’s why we set out to remove barriers to mental health support by creating one simple platform for browsing, booking and meeting Christian counsellors online.

We’ve been training and accrediting Christian counsellors through the Australian Institute of Family Counselling for over 25 years. Today, abound allows us to connect more people with support to help them flourish.

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