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New psychosocial hazard legislation is here. Is your workplace ready?

More and more we are recognising the interconnection between workplaces and mental health. Culture, conditions, income and purpose can all contribute to a person’s wellbeing.

It’s likely you have seen mental health warning signs first hand at work. In fact, many of us manage complex wellbeing issues without any support or training.

But help is available. At abound, our vision is to make mental health support accessible for everyone who needs it. In fact, we’ve created a simple online platform where workplaces can connect with our accredited counsellors – any time, anywhere.

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Abound is a complete workplace wellbeing service. We’d love to help your team flourish.

Abound at Work

At abound, we believe counselling can provide hope and healing, and help people flourish – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That’s why we set out to remove barriers to mental health support by creating one simple platform for browsing, booking and meeting counsellors online.

Abound is available to workplaces to provide easy-access support to employees, and securely access reports to provide meaning full data to better understand the needs of your workforce. .

We’ve been training and accrediting Christian counsellors through the Australian Institute of Family Counselling for over 25 years. Today, abound allows us to connect more people with support to help them flourish.

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We understand the need for caution when referring your people to new services. If you’d like to chat more about who we are and what we do, please leave us a message and our CEO Nick will get in touch to answer your questions.

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